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How to Make a Baby Smile

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

Whether it's smiling and jumping around like a wild parent or dancing and laugh

ing loudly, getting to watch a babies smile bloom is one of the most rewarding gifts you can ever receive.

In this day and age society has plenty of opportunities to work at home with your babies. However, there is also a system set up that doesn't always make it easy for all single mom's and dads to figure out how to spend more time with their children. The solution? Listen to Ali Wong. More paid maternity/paternity leave. Babies need more than 3 months with their parents...more like 6-9 months. I would rather my wages go to an allotted maternity leave before social security. Maybe I say that while I'm young...I don't know I'm not educated enough in political policies and finances. I blame the system again for not teaching us at a young age about economics, finances, & accounting(especially in lower income communities.) All I know is that babies need more time with their parents and loved ones in order to find security in themselves.

“There's no such thing as a clingy baby...they just need reassurance that they're safe and loved, so squeeze them tight until they let go.”

I think I went off topic on a tangent about how society doesn't cater to single working parents...

How to Make a Baby Smile( When You're Exhausted)

I think the biggest change in becoming a #parent is that time no longer becomes your own. A lot of selflessness is required(I'm not perfect sometimes I take a bite of cereal in between feeding my child.) The most important things in keeping baby happy is making sure three things are met: fed, rested, and dry diapers. I also think reassuring hugs, on-demand feeding, socializing and play time are just as important as the basic needs(Maslow would agree.) There's no such thing as a clingy baby...they just need reassurance that they're safe and loved, so squeeze them tight until they let go. I learned from a book written from a father raising boys that when a little boy gets hurt they don't need, "You're fine, get up." They need a "Are you okay?" Explain how they got hurt and give them a long tight hug.

After I was able to get past the pain and tears of giving birth I was really able to start to enjoy #mothering. And once the smiles and laughs come(around 1 month)...all of the patience, gentleness, and exhaustion becomes worth it. They deserve the best chance, opportunities, and purest form of energy. They are the next generation. They will change the world for the better. For now, we just need to let them be children and let them laugh.

As a photographer I am a huge advocate of capturing the cherished light of youth. Even if you don't have a fancy camera, use a smart phone or an inexpensive point-and-shoot (find a camera here & a personal favorite

Looking back at the past is all worth it when you learn to enjoy each moment now.

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