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There's Magic on the Pacific Coast High Way

In the middle of winter, cozied up with a book as the snow gently falls outside, I like to dust off memory books. Books that take me places. On a journey to remembering myself. To remember what has grown.

It's easy to get lost. Trust yourself and your heart will lead you.

“I remember myself most when I'm writing. It helps me to channel myself into a moment. To remember myself in that state of mind. Sometimes we get lost. We lose the self that was able to stretch and expand so much in a single instance. These writings are the clues I leave myself and the ones I love as beacons when we lose ourselves in the storm.”


Christmas Shore

How can I explain

The energy of this place

From the coastal fog of Oregon

To the sunny corn fields of Michigan

But more than what I see

Is the feeling I get

The excitement I feel

When I hear the waves

Crashing along the western shore

it reminds me of my dad

his stubble beard and thong flip flops

bouncing off the pavement

like the beer bouncing off his tongue when he speaks

Memories equaling state and information

But this place has something else

Something like... Christmas lights

Pink and orange and red like the sunset

strung along the evergreens tying them all together

in a twisty knotty silence

glowing soft and warm against the mist

The warm heart tones that vibrate deep in my chest

like my son babbling as he throws himself over me in the morning

laughing loud just to open my eyes

magic glows around his face as I look up at him

What state am I in?

California or Michigan?

I feel at home



Just Do It

If you've always had a trip you've wanted to take just do it! I know it's not always easy with a job and a family. But start taking small actions each day to do the things you've always dreamed. Just do it.



These are the days!

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