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Why You Need A Birth Photographer

How Birth Photography is becoming as Needed as Wedding Photography for Families and What Instagram is Doing to Aid in the Woman's Movement & Uncensoring Birth.

When I was pregnant I got so involved in trying to find the healthiest lifestyle for myself. I sought out knowledge on blogs and internet sites, but I couldn't find the knowledge I was seeking about birth. Going in without medicine is not something as recommended by a lot of corporate hospitals and medical facilites. I found sanctuary in midwifery books(Spiritual Midwifery) & instagram.

“How can we expect people to go into the birth room feeling confident and empowered in their decision making if they literally have no idea what they’re getting themselves into?” -Katie Vigos RN, Doula @empoweredbirthproject

You can find more information on uncesored births and educational information/photos on births @empoweredbirthproject.

Social Media is a Pregnant's Woman Informational Platform

Women are starting to seek out what they are getting themselves into when it comes to birth. Besides one or two scarring birth videos in middle school and early high school, not everyone knows the real process of birth. And besides the snickers you get from other classmates, young women & men aren't taught the power and beauty that a laboring mother's body goes through (#uncensoredbirth #empoweredbirthproject.)

Through instagram and books I was able to have a better idea of what happens to a woman's body in labor. Many women are afraid to capture the beauty that they go through during labor. I think if the stigma on birth starts to shed it's thick layer, the world will stop seeing the female figure as strictly just a sex symbol and rather start to embrace the true raw power that womens go through during birth and the process that is natural and keeps humankind going.

"Uncensored birth is an antidote to all the lies we have been told about our bodies. It is an antidote to the mainstream, porn-crazed male gaze that says our (bodies) should only be seen and appreciated for sex. Sex is beautiful too, but this— this is breathtaking. This is beauty beyond words and power beyond measure. It’s something we no longer have to hide. The veil has been lifted; isn’t it glorious? " -Katie Vigos RN, Doula @empoweredbirthproject
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